About Us

 Imagine being faced with a diagnosis that will forever change your life. Your doctor has diagnosed you with End Stage Renal disease and you will require dialysis treatments three days per week to keep you alive. Couple this devastating diagnosis with other conditions prevalent in the ESRD community and you suddenly find yourself in need of an ambulance to transport you to your dialysis treatments. You dedicate four hours of your life three days a week to dialysis treatments and now you have to rely on others to get you there.

 All ambulance services provide the same equipment, training and personnel to facilitate their transports. The only difference with any service is promptness or lack thereof. Not only are you hooked to a machine as it filters your blood for four hours at a time, but now you are late to your treatments because the service that transports you, chose profits over their patients. LifeTech ambulance will not allow this to happen with our patients. We have years of field experience and knowledge of dialysis operation. Our priority will be prompt service to and from dialysis treatments for our patients. By operating at a level that is profitable, but allows us ample time to provide for our patients, we will dominate non-emergent transport services in our respective area. Calls will not be “stacked” on our crew members so timely service is not possible. There will always be issues that make 100% on time compliance impossible, but LifeTech will work diligently to negate these issues.

LifeTech will exemplify smart growth coupled with experienced managers and providers, to facilitate our goal of providing prompt, caring and dependable ambulance transportation.